2018/2019 Show Schedule

NOV. 17 & 18        Albion Jumper Show
                                    Martha, Alivia
JAN.  12 & 13        Albion Jumper Show
                                    Martha, Alivia, Kaylyn

JAN 30 - Feb. 3    World Equestrian Center (Pending)

MAR. 9 & 10          Woodbine Schooling (New show riders)

MAR. 23 & 34       Albion Jumper Show
                                    Martha, Alivia

May - TBD               HJAM @ Waterloo (1, 2 & possibly 3)

May - 18 & 19          LEHS - Albion

June - 1 & 2             LEHS - Meadowview

June 17 to 23          Brave Horse (Columbus, Ohio)

June 25 - 30           Waterloo Hunt HJAM (Possibly)

July - 13 & 14          LEHS - Fox Brush 

July - 27 & 28         LEHS -  Meadowview

Aug. - 10 &11           LEHS - Fox Brush

Aug. - 24 & 25         LEHS -LouDon 

Sept. - 14 & 15         LEHS - Meadowview


NOV. - Albion Jumper Show

 2012 Shows - Click on any picture to enlage!!  More Photo's on Facebook!
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We offer showing for everyone!
Our show teams offers showing options at A, B & C rated shows as well as at Schooling shows around Ann Arbor and throughout Michigan.
We have a great group of junior and adult riders who enjoy friendly competition, sportsmanship and many rewards along the way! 

Local & Schooling Shows
We show at Local & Schooling shows withing an hour or two from Ann Arbor. We attend the Lake Effects Horse Show circuit, Woodbine Schooling shows and Albion Winter Jumper series. Classes are available from Walk-Trot through the 3'6 level of jumping. 

U.S.E.F & H.J.A.M
For riders looking for USEF classes such as the Pessoa/USEF Medal, ASPCA, USEF Pony Medal, THIS Children's Medal and USHJA Derby Classes and more we attend shows at Woodbine, Waterloo, GLEF, the World Equestrian Center and other A level horse shows to meet the showing goals of our clients.

2010 & 2011
Check out our FaceBook page for current horse show photo's and accomplishments for 2016!!
Meet Our Show Team!

Alivia Fusco
Age: 15
Show Team Member since: April 2016
Horse: Max "To Infinity & Beyond"
Showing & Riding Accomplishments:  

Favorite Part of Showing: 

Martha Leone
Age: Adult
Show Team Member since: Nov. 2012
Travel Show Team: Yes, Martha joins us for LEHS shows.
Local Show Team: Yes, Matha joins us for Woodbine shows.
Horse: Freddy - "Just Too Ready Freddy" & Captain "Rum Runner"
Showing & Riding Accomplishments: In  December 2012 Martha attended her first show with Freddy and earned 2 Reserve Champions.  They continued showing successfully in the Maiden, Novice & Adult divisions through 2013, ending up with several reserve champions.  Martha is working diligently with Freddy to finish his lead changes and get better accomplished with her equitation for 2014.  She will work to dominate in the Adult division at the LEHS shows this summer and may even try the medal class!
Favorite Part of Showing: Getting to hang out with barn friends, horse show friends and horses at the shows, all the great sportsmanship & show team dinners!

Madina Miller
Age: 14
Show Team Member since: June 2014 
Horse: Alex "Alejandro's Magic"
Showing & Riding Accomplishments: Madina started her show team career in Walk-Trot & Ground poles.  She showed Duncan Donut, Just To Ready Freddy & Take It To The Max while learning the ropes of showing up through cross-poles earning a handful of Championship ribbons.  Madina and Max jr. claimed several year end awards in 2015 proving they needed to move on.  Madina has a new partner now in her green horse Alex starting in 2016 where they worked through the Low Hunters & Equitation to earn year-rend awards. Madina and Alex will be trying their hand at Jumpers in the up coming season as Madina teaches Alex confidence at shows and they work their way up to the 3' divisions at shows.
Favorite Part of Showing

Age: Adult
Show Team Member since: Nov. 2016
Horse: Monty "Three Card Monty"
Showing & Riding Accomplishments: 2017 was Michaela and Monty's first year together and they did great! The took several ribbons in the Baby Greens & Low Adults at the HJAM shows as well as qualifying for their HJAM Low Adult Medal! They are working on being able to compete in all 3 rings at A shows all over the mid-west as they learn to work together and increase their training. Michaela is hoping they will be ready to the 3' & 3'3" in the up coming year or two.
Favorite Part of Showing