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GES Leasing Program & Practice Ride Info.
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Practice Rides - For riders who would like to get some extra time in the saddle we offer practice rides.  Once riders are able to safely catch their horse in the pasture, tack up on their own and work independently and safely at the walk & trot they can sign up for practice rides.  Younger riders may also sign up for practice rides if their instructor has given their parent the "OK" to assist them during this time. 
​You may ONLY work on skills taught in your lessons. NO one may jump with out GES staff supervision.
  • Practice rides must be taken outside of GES lesson times. Days & Times vary by season depending on the current lesson schedule. Most practice ride days are Friday, Saturday (after 1pm) & Sunday. Other times maybe available such as weekdays before lessons.
  • Riders must sign up in advance (at least a week) by submitting an email to robyn@greatescapestables.com with the requested practice ride day, time and horse.
  • Practice rides are $35 per ride check or cash in an envelope with your name on it. No PayPal for practice rides.
  • Once you sign up for a practice ride you are required to pay for it regardless of taking it or not as you have reserved that horse for that day and time.
  • If you sign up and don't pay it will be added to your next lesson invoice and a late fee may apply.    
  • Practice rides are only available to current GES lesson riders.

Leasing -  Leasing is a great alternative to horse ownership! Owning a horse isn't an option for everyone and leasing can give riders the chance to feel like a horse owner. Riders who wish to lease a lesson horse instead of just taking practice rides can do so for recreation or showing. 
You will need to set up a meeting with Robyn (click to email) to discuss options and goals.  Leasing costs can range from $350 per month to $700 per month depending on the type and length of lease. Please note that Show Leases will always supersede Recreational leases. Click on the link at the top of the page to see lease horse info.

Recreational leases: For riders who would like to lease but not get extensively involved in the show team.
$350 per month and includes up to 12 practice rides (riders must be taking at least 4 lessons per month on regular session tuition).

Show leasesRiders looking to get involved with the show team should sign up for the Lease 2 Show program. Riders interested in leasing and showing need to contact Robyn via email robyn@greatescapestables.com 
Lease 2 Show - $650 includes up to 8 lessons per month and 8 practice rides.
Lease Per Show - $500 per show (lessons and practice rides are extra).

Out of Barn leases: These are leases where you bring a horse in from another barn on lease terms with the owner of the horse it is the same as having a horse and you pay regular board at GES.  The only difference is you didn't buy the horse and it usually goes back to the owner after a year or two.  The lease fee for an out of barn lease varies.  You will need to set up a meeting with Robyn do discuss available options.