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Recreational Lessons & Programs
The following programs are designed for the casual rider who is new to riding or seasoned riders working at the trot & canter levels (A-C) either English or Western. These programs can also be adapted to homeschoolers looking for enrichment and basic riding.
If you have questions on lessons/programs, you must email us at robyn@greatescapestables.com

Ages 3 to 6 - Pony Pals$20/class (Click for Details)
        Meets once a week usually April - Oct. as space is available in our program schedule.
        Class is generally 30 mins. to 1 hour long, if a waitlist develops, we will open a second class.
        Classes focus on safety and hands-on activities with a short pony ride.
        Can sign up online, no evaluation lesson required. Min. of 4 participants to run this class.
        We also offer a Pony Pal Camp for kids 4 to 6 years old usually in Aug.

​Ages 4 to 7 - Pony Pals Plus $45/class (Click for Details)​
        Pony Pal lessons 4 times per month, 1 on 1 setting.
       Class is generally 30 mins. long.
       Classes focus on safety and basic riding skills at the walk and trot. 
     Riders at this level have the opportunity to work towards more independence with their pony and attending their first           lead line classes at horse shows. 

Ages 7 to Adult - approx. 30 min. Private Lessons$300/month (Click for Evaluation Lesson Registration)
            Lesson includes grooming/tacking/basic mounted skills/untacking.
           Your first few lessons will focus on more grooming, once a rider learns grooming/tacking the lesson will spend                         more time on riding. As riders become more independent with grooming/tacking they may arrive early to                         groom/tack.
           All riders will need to obtain paddock boots, helmet & grooming tote.
           Riders in these lessons should also attend our horsemanship classes for additional grooming & horse care instruction.

Equine Therapy Time (including adaptive lessons)  $25
        UNMOUNTED sessions involving grooming, grazing, bathing, in hand arena work. 
        Equine therapy time is similar to a practice ride but is unmounted. 
        This program is for riders looking to spend time with horses on the ground and have had at least 8 lessons (at GES).
        Riders can stay in this program without taking regular lessons as long as they sign up for a min. of 2 therapy times                       per month.
        Adaptive riders looking for lessons START in this program and may move to riding once acclimated to horses.
        To sign up for this program please click on the 30 min. Private Lesson link above. If you are already in lessons at GES                     then talk to your instructor or if looking for adaptive lessons send an email to robyn@greatescapestables.com

Practice Rides (Level B+ & C)$45
        GES riders looking for additional time in the saddle can sign up to ride outside of their lessons.​       

Half Lease (Levels B+ & C)$230/month
        Riders must be taking a minimum of 4 lessons per month & be able to groom/tack on their own.
        Riders must have their own saddle pads, grooming & bathing equipment.
        Lease is for up to 4 rides per month.

Half Lease (Levels B+ & C)$500/month 
        Maybe done without also taking lessons but needs a trainer’s approval.
        Riders must be able to groom/tack on their own.
        Must have own saddle pads, grooming, bathing equipment & SHOULD have their own saddle.
        Lease is for up to 3 rides per week.