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Equine Services Available

Grooming & Horse Management
Services available for horses provided by professional, meticulous and experienced staff. Available to travel in zone 5, 4 & 3 for grooming services. Possibly others, please inquire.
Price based on number of horses & length of show for grooming.

​​Horse Show Groomin​g - Daily professional grooming based off your horses schedule for that show day. Includes the following:
        Leg care from washing and drying to icing and wrapping.
        Curring & Brushing
        Mane & tail care (including fake tails)
        Application of correct shampoo/conditioner, coat care products.
        Hoof care including, polishing, packing, checking shoes, hoof picking.
        Applications of coolers, sheets, scrims etc.
        Removing braids as needed.
        Can arrange braiding as required.
        Tacking for all 3 rings.
        Tack cleaning after each ride.       
        Lunging as required.
        Basic Clipping & Mane Pulling as needed.
        Barn aisle kept neat, tidy and raked/swept/dust free.        

Horse Show Horse care - Daily professional care of your horse throughout the horse show. Includes the following:
        Morning feeding (grain, hay, water)
        Morning stall cleaning (water bucket dumped and rinsed)
        Morning hand-walk or graze (as required, horse is brushed before being taken out, clothing maybe applied)
        Mid-day hay & water check
        Afternoon hand-walk or graze (as required, horse is brushed before being taken out, clothing maybe applied)
        Afternoon stall picking, top off water & give hay.
        Evening feeding (grain, hay, water)
        Evening clothing change as needed.
        Late evening check/night check can be arranged.
Horse Show Full Grooming Service - Both services above can be combine for horse care & grooming at a show.

Hack/flat rides - $50

Sports Innovations 3 in 1 Equine Therapy 
Pulse massage and infrared red (with heat option) blanket therapy session. Professional and trained staff will travel to your facility for therapy sessions. More cost effective then weekly/monthly massages plus the benefits of infrared and heat! We will also do barn session, group discounts if there are 3 or more horses lined up for use. If you are at a show with us and would like to reap the benefits of this therapy blanket just let us know and we will set up a appointment. Sessions below are per horse, per time. www.sportsinnovations.net

GES client (home or show) - $50/horse
Non-GES client therapy appointment - $100/horse
Non-GES client therapy appointment (at a show) - $75/horse
3+ horses (group discount) - $50/horse

Shipping ~ Equine Transportation - Click on Equine Escapes Transport
Local & Regional shipping with our 6 horse Sundowner or our 2 horse Big Valley. Our schedule can get booked weeks in advance so get ahold of us as soon as possible. We also do emergency shipping when available. We have 25 years shipping experience. Trailers are bedded for all trips, trailer is cleaned regularly, hay nets available, water and rest offered on longer trips. We have hauled all over Michigan including the UP as well as all over the mid-west and as far as Texas. 

*We are a private shipper & do require formal paperwork & signed shipping agreement for all jobs. 
*Our 2-horse trailer is available for rent for $250/day & a copy of a valid driver's license.