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Equine Services Available

Grooming & Horse Management
Services available for horses provided by professional, meticulous and experienced staff. Available to travel in zone 5, 4 & 3 for grooming services. Possibly others, please inquire.
Price based on number of horses & length of show for grooming.

​​Horse Show Groomin​g - Daily professional grooming based off your horses schedule for that show day. Includes the following:
        Leg care from washing and drying to icing and wrapping.
        Curring & Brushing
        Mane & tail care (including fake tails)
        Application of correct shampoo/conditioner, coat care products.
        Hoof care including, polishing, packing, checking shoes, hoof picking.
        Applications of coolers, sheets, scrims etc.
        Removing braids as needed.
        Can arrange braiding as required.
        Tacking for all 3 rings.
        Tack cleaning after each ride.       
        Lunging as required.
        Basic Clipping & Mane Pulling as needed.
        Barn aisle kept neat, tidy and raked/swept/dust free.        

Horse Show Horse care - Daily professional care of your horse throughout the horse show. Includes the following:
        Morning feeding (grain, hay, water)
        Morning stall cleaning (water bucket dumped and rinsed)
        Morning hand-walk or graze (as required, horse is brushed before being taken out, clothing maybe applied)
        Mid-day hay & water check
        Afternoon hand-walk or graze (as required, horse is brushed before being taken out, clothing maybe applied)
        Afternoon stall picking, top off water & give hay.
        Evening feeding (grain, hay, water)
        Evening clothing change as needed.
        Late evening check/night check can be arranged.
Horse Show Full Grooming Service - Both services above can be combine for horse care & grooming at a show.

Hack/flat rides - $40

Sports Innovations 3 in 1 Equine Therapy 
Pulse massage and infrared red (with heat option) blanket therapy session. Professional and trained staff will travel to your facility for therapy sessions. More cost effective then weekly/monthly massages plus the benefits of infrared and heat! We will also do barn session, group discounts if there are 3 or more horses lined up for use. If you are at a show with us and would like to reap the benefits of this therapy blanket just let us know and we will set up a appointment. Sessions below are per horse, per time. www.sportsinnovations.net

GES client (home or show) - $25/horse
Non-GES client therapy appointment - $50/horse
Non-GES client therapy appointment (at a show) - $40/horse
3+ horses (group discount) - $40/horse