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Counselor In Training

Our CITing program is a great way to learn about teaching and leadership roles! Plus you get to spend time with horses! CITing is great for High School & College referrals or applications as it is a volunteer program. Many of our CIT's help out each year teaching new campers the ropes along side our staff members.
CIT's are welcome to sign up to help with any beginner or young rider camps.
CIT's learn or build on horse as well as life skills such as reliability, organization, time management, responsibility and independence as well as working as a team.

​Duties of CIT's:
  • Assist with camp from the camp start time till the camp end time each day of camp. If a day is to be missed or there is a conflict to arrive late or leave early the head counselor must be notified at least 48 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in loss of practice ride or lesson earning.
  • Help supervise campers throughout the camp day.
  • Assist campers with horse activities in the barn, learning barn chores, with horsemanship assignments and general activities during the camp day.
  • Ensure safety rules are being followed and notify GES staff if they aren't.
  • Follow all instructions given by the head counselor.

Expectations of CIT's:​
  • Arrive on time, alert and ready to help.
  • Be enthusiastic, respectful and responsible.
  • Enjoy helping others learn about horses.
  •  Dress appropriately for working in the barn. See below.
  • Be present in the camp day. No electronics, stay with the camp group, be available when the head counselor is looking for you and paying attention to the current camp activity!

Dress Code:
  • Breeches, jeans, leggings or conservative shorts.
  • Any top is ok EXCEPT spaghetti straps/camisoles. No cleavage or belly shirts this is a stable and a sport.
  • BOOTS! Again this is a barn, there is mud and poop and dirt. You need muck boots or rain boots or something similar.  
  • Shoes, when not in the barn you can change into regular shoes. NO flip flops! No one is allowed in the barn or near horses without their feet covered.
  • Weather appropriate clothing.

Other items to note:
  • This is a kid friendly environment (not a middle or high school hallway). Be thoughtful of what you say (subject matter) and your language (including stupid, hate, sucks etc.)
  • You are helping with camp to learn and spend time at the barn not just to socialize.  If a CIT seems confused about their role or has to be talked to repeatedly about this they may loose their CIT position. Counselors rely on CIT's to be at camp and active/present in the camp day.
  • No electronics, except at lunch with head counselors permission. If music is being played you need to have ear buds in. Texting during the day, outside of lunch is not permitted and cell phones may be taken till the end of the day.
  • You will need to bring a lunch (fridge & microwave available), water bottle and snacks.
  • While this is a volunteer position campers can earn a practice rider for each week that they help out. Boarders can earn an extra lesson for each week that they help out :) 

To sign up for CITing or if you have questions please email robyn@greatescapestables.com. If you are emailing to sign up we will be asking you to acknowledge that you have read over this web page.