~As riders progress through their lessons at Great Escape Stables their instructor will not only help them progress through their goal chart but also discuss more program options with them. 
~Parents that are not familiar with horses need not worry as we will work with them to understand the steps as well as their riders progress.

Step 1: Sign up for lessons!
All riders start by sigining up for 1 hour private lessons at least 1 to 2 times per week (more if desired).  This gets riders proficent is handling, grooming, tacking and basic walk-trot skills.  Riders can sign up for barn shows, day camps, horsemastership clinics and other programs that fit their schedule.

Step 2: Reaching Level B!
Riders who have reached Level B are able to work more independantly with their horse both on the ground and in the saddle.  Level B riders will have participated in some barn shows and other activites at GES.  When riders are at the B level they should ask themselves if they are thinking of joining the show team?  There are no age restrictions on the show team.  Riders at the Level C and above are welcome to join the show team.  If riders have no interest in riding competitivly they should consider being a recreational jump rider.

Riders who are progressing out of Level B have three choices for Step 3!
Step 3A: Leasing & Practice Rides!
Riders that would like more time in the saddle, are considering showing or thinking about buying a horse should get involved in leasing and/or practice rides.  They are detailed here!  Leasing is on a first come, first serve basis.

Step 3B: Purchasing a horse/pony!
Riders who really want to become serious and more involved with horses as well as those wishing to horse show will need to set up a meeting with Robyn to discuss this option and what is involved in owning a horse and showing.

Step 3C: Recreational rider!
Not all riders wish to compete or spend endless hours at the barn, this is a recreational rider.  Recreational riders usually take one lesson a week and may participate in camps or barn shows.