Your success is in the details! 
Achieve your goals at Great Escape Stables as our training program focuses on a 3-step approach to helping riders succeed!

Horsemanship & Basics ~ Beyond the Basics ~ Leasing & Buying
~Parents that are not familiar with horses need not worry as we will work with you to understand the steps as their riders progress.~

Great Escape Stables 3- Step Training Program:

1. LEVEL A & B - Horsemanship & Basics (Signing up for lessons 1 to 2 times/week) – Riders start lessons where all basic mounted/unmounted skills are taught. Grooming, tacking, walk, trot, ground poles & cross rails are covered.
a.Horsemanship & Safety
b.Correct & Functional Position

2. LEVEL B+ & C -  Beyond the Basics (2 Lessons/week & Practice Rides)- Once a rider reaches the end of Level B (B+) they sign up for practice rides (in addition to lessons) & can join the show team. If you are not sure what level you are in check the goal chart in the arena or ask your instructor 😊
a.Building upon 1a, 1b & 1c.
b.Conditioning of horse & rider.
c.Rideability of the horse.
d.Competition strategy & goals.

3. LEVEL C & above - Leasing & Buying - Riders at Level C or higher lease or purchase a horse/pony to continue their riding education. GES horses are 1st come 1st serve for leases. Your trainer can help you with bringing in a leased horse to board or purchasing a horse of your very own!