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Lessons & Training
Ages 7 - Adults

Riding Academy Lessons
Guiding Horsemen of the Future!  

Our philosophy: 
Your success is in the details. We teach safe, quality lessons through traditional horsemanship from the ground up. We work with all our riders to set fun & challenging yet obtainable goals through our unique 3 step approach.
 We teach that commitment, ambition & hard work pay off & encourage riders to enjoy their success!

~ Lesson Program Skill Level & Commitment Level~ Ages 7 to Adult (ENGLISH & WESTERN)
For riders just starting out we have a few quiet and experienced school horses/ponies for private and group lessons.  Riders wishing to jump over 2' will need to plan on purchasing their own horse or full leasing a horse to board. 

Commitment Level:    Riders can choose between recreational riding (1 lesson per week) or our Jump Ahead program (2 lessons per week). Riders working towards jumping are automatically placed into our Jump Ahead program once they reach Level B/B+. Riders choosing the recreational riding lessons are generally looking for casual instruction to just learn the basics of English or Western riding from walk-trot though cantering. 

Skill Levels:
  • Level A: Walk-Trot beginners are kept in private lessons until they are able to stop, steer and work at the trot. They must also demonstrate the ability to safely groom and tack up their horse or pony with limited assistance.
  • Level B & B+: Advanced Walk-Trot riders are proficient in the above skills and work on mastering the posting trot, work without stirrups and work over ground poles and cavaletti's. These riders will be purchasing their own saddle, signing up for practice rides. If placed into the Jump Ahead program, they will also be attending their first show. 
  • Level A & B group lessons are a maximum 3:1 ratio (rider to instructor)
  • Level C: Riders become independent in handling their horse, tacking up & mounting. Canter work is introduced as are several advanced skills a the walk, trot & canter. These riders will have their own saddle, pads, bathing items and be taking practices rides weekly. They will have attended a horse show and may even be leasing if they are in the Jump Ahead program. 

Jumping (2' & higher)
Riders looking to advance their flat skills and move into the world of jumping; we will help you find the right partner to lease or buy and advance with:
  • Riders can sign up for private 1/2 hour focus or 1hr. group lessons.
  • By this level riders begin working with their own horse/pony either on a full lease or having purchased their own.
  • Riders must be able to canter in two-point (jump position) w/o stirrups in order to be at the jumping level for verticals.
  • Level 1 -2'-2'3  "Lesson horses do not jump over this height. Riders wishing to jump higher need to full lease or purchase a horse to do so. " 
  • Level 2 - 2'3-2'6" 
  • Level 3 - 2'6" & higher

PRICE LIST: Our lesson tuition (all pricing is on the price list) is billed monthly and due by 1st (outside of prorated lessons). Lessons are ongoing and take place year-round. Lessons are non-refundable and make-ups are not offered outside of extenuating circumstances. If you join the GES lesson program other sports/activities do not take precedence over a rider's lessons, riders should be riding consistently at least once a week in order to progress.

GEAR: Riders attending English lessons need a minimum of breeches, helmet, half-chaps, paddock boots and grooming kit, required within a rider's first month of lessons. Riders attending Western lessons need a minimum of long pants, helmet, riding boots (paddock or ropers) and a grooming kit. Links to items will be sent to you following your evaluation lesson. 

All riders new to Great Escape Stables start with an evaluation lesson.