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GES Holiday Party 2018!

Friday, Jan. 4 @ 5:30pm (till about 7:30pm)
All GES Riders/Families are invited to join us for pasta dinner in the club house! GES serves up homemade pasta w/ garlic bread and beverages. 
(Desserts are welcome but you don't have to bring anything. )

Secret Santa rider gift exchange will take place following dinner.
To participate in Secret Santa & sign up for the holiday party please email Robyn. Secret Santa sign up ends Dec. 1st! 

Holiday Party & Secret Santa Sign-up
Alivia F. (ss) + 2/3
Martha L. (ss)
Kaylyn (ss) + 2
Charlotte (ss) + 1
Andelyn (ss) + 1
Aurene (ss) + 2
Chloe (ss) 
Sarah & Liz (ss) 
Michaela (ss) +1
Madina (ss) +1
Izzy (ss) + 1

If you haven't done SS before it works like this: 
- Riders sign up then the first week of Dec. they are given the name of another rider in the barn. 
- Buy or make/create a gift for their Secret Santa (nothing extravagant). Wrap the gift and put the rider name on it but leave the from spot blank or put Secret Santa.  
- After dinner at the holiday party riders are given their gift and then have 3 guess's of who was their Secret Santa.