~Barn Wear~
Custom barn wear items are available to riders and their family members.  
Polo's, T-shirts, Tank Tops, Fleeces, Jackets, Vests & Hats

~The orders are set up in two groups - Embroidery & Screen Print (just how the company groups the orders for min.)
~Orders are due by the date in the link.
~Price includes item & shipping.
~Our order min. is 10 per embroidery and/or screen print NOT per person (required by printing company)
~All GES riders should order a minimum of a Polo & Fleece to have appropriate riding attire year round.

EMBROIDERED ITEMS (Vest, Jackets, Kids Polo & Track Pants): https://www.customink.com/g/hkg0-00bw-zn7q
SCREEN PRINTED (Polo, Tanks, T-shirts & Sweat Pants): https://www.customink.com/g/hkg0-00bw-zczk

NOTE about pictures of items - All logos are on the left chest/thigh even if it appears off on the link photo's.  The grey fleece jackets have a navy logo (not the light blue as shown).  We are also working with a local company to be able to do full back logo's on the soft shell jackets & vests.

Fleece Bennies (Black or Grey) - $22 (current GES stock item)

~Horse Wear Items~
Custom horse wear items are available to riders. Show Team member items are listed below as well.
Saddle Pads, Coolers, Scrims, Fly sheets, Stable & Rain sheets